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Friday 24 February 2012

There is a fabulous clip art and digi stamp site called Broken Box Stock out there in cyber space
Today they have a lovely sentiment freebie and the down load for a gorgeous calendar free for anyone who blogs about them.......

A calendar seems an extremely good idea since I said I would "get me ass in order" and enter loads of challenges this year !! I have some lovely christmas cards ... birthday cards and sweet little tags made for my daughter's 21st birthday presents BUT sadly none have made their way here YET !! Positive thinking in all things ..... I have some of my creations on
under the user name xxcalamityxx ..... strangely on adding some pics yesterday it was  a whole year since my first offerings were added .... spooky eh lol !!
Cyber hugs and good wishes for a lovely day x x


  1. Hello to my newest follower. Your cards are lovely, you really need to get entering some challenges!!

    Liz x

    1. Thank-you Liz, love your blog !!
      I've tryed taking off the dreaded word verification I didn't realise it was on it lol but I'm not sure its worked x x

  2. Me again, you have word verification on - it's a real pain and will stop some folks leaving comments. Go into settings and switch it off - if you are worried about spam turn on comment moderation.

    liz x


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