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Monday 21 May 2012

New look blog !!!

No cards today as I spent yesterday playing on the pc "designing" - in the loosest sense of the term - my new blog background and header.

I was too tired to craft (major busy week at work and split days off :-( big sigh!!) and  judging by the trouble I had trying to centre the blog header it was probably a good idea that I left my stash alone - I sooo hate wasting lovely pieces of card and ribbons !!

So, "wonky header" aside I quite like it - very impressed I got the writing inside it lol, and would love to hear what everyone thinks ....

Sending everyone who visits my little piece of cyber space lots of love at the beginning of what is sure to be yet another very busy week !!



  1. great the pastels and them little birdies how cute are they popping on and off the chandalier ..hugs sassyxx

  2. Thanks hun, I put the birds there to off set the wonky header, apparently it's possible to centre the headers but I quite like the "wonk" its very me..... I cannot believe how much fun blogging actually is lol just a shame I don't have more time to play


  3. Had a wee snoop about your lovely blog! Can't wait to see what else you create!
    Dawn xx

  4. Well done on your blog it looks FAB, love the wonky header makes it different from everyone else. Looking forward to seeing your cards. Chris xx

  5. your blog looks fantastic and you are right it is so much fun.....i'm always tweaking mine it is like have your own room to decorate.....and doesn't cost anything lol.....And thankyou for checking out my blog and following x
    Sacha xx


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