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Sunday 8 July 2012

New Toy !! x

I have spent all week working very hard ... (Just like everybody else lol !!) ... My reward for such angelic behaviour ?? ...
More dancing round the kitchen...
A brand new, all singing, all dancing, Cricut Expression 2 !!
I am so ridiculously happy with my new toy, can you tell ??
Here I have half a dozen 2" cup cakes from my new Cricut Alphabet Cartridge, sat on 3 cake stands (all 6" and then cut down to keep the middles the same size) from Straight from the Nest to make the stand and a 7" scalloped square from  Elegant Edges. I've stuck a bit of glitter glue on as icing BUT really - its all about the shapes !!  


  1. gosh you lucky girl!!!!! and im sure you deserve it after all your a woman lol!!!im just about finished struggling to put the clean linen on the bed asked OH to do the duvet..youve never seen him run so fast *cAnt do that*..FLIPPIN well get me second wind...and go and finish the hoovering too hugs knakkered sassyxxxxlol!!!

  2. wow!! Fabby card, love those cakes!!


  3. fabulous the swirls on the cakes...pam

  4. Ooo, a new toy, can I come and play? And putting it to good use, this is fab,

    Liz x

    1. lol you are more than welcome to come and play Liz it's absolutely amazing !!


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