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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I have been so busy at work this week I have had no spare time to play, it makes me sad : ( but nothing compares to my niece Sophie's text asking for some googly eyes for a fundraising project making pebble pets to raise money for JAMIE, a little boy at her school with cancer, I quote "he needs £250,000 to live" 
OMG bless them and their tiny hearts !!

Needless to say lots of googly eyes are on their way to York this morning along with this little card to help make them smile x x x


  1. They will love it too, fab card, hugs Liz xx

  2. This card is adorable, and what an inspirational reason to send it. I hope they raise lots with your googly eyes! I found you through Creative Connections and am now following you. xx Denise

  3. Thanks Denise, They are doing the race for life to raise some more bless them x Have just 'peeked' at and joined your blog your cards are wonderful x


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